September 20, 2016
9:00–10:30 a.m.


Alumnae Hall, Room 124
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Data Visualization

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The Weekly Grind: Drop-In to Talk about Teaching and Enjoy Coffee and Snacks

The suggested topic for this session is Critical Pedagogy, Racial Justice and Internationalist. Sharing how we integrate ‘data vis’ as content or learning activity within our courses. The FCPE will send you a suggested reading for this topic .

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Need a place to talk about what happens in your class? Drop-in to Alumnae Hall, Room 124 and bring a colleague! We invite faculty to join weekly informal sessions at the FCPE to discuss teaching and learning experiences, challenges and successes. Come by with a story, talk with colleagues, problem-solve and build a community of reflective teaching practitioners on campus.

Suggested topics are given for each session and the FCPE staff will have a reading selected and available for you ahead of time, but discussions are run/led by participants—those who attend should feel free to discuss whatever they would like with colleagues. Suggested topics are just that—suggested!



For further information, please contact:

Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE)
Alumnae Hall, Room 123
p – 516.877.4221
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Tagged: Faculty, Faculty Center for Professional Excellence
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