November 23, 2015
2:30–5:00 p.m.


University Center Room 211-212
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The Criminalization of Mothering


Meredith Finnerty, Birthing Activist and Doula, speaks on the criminalization of birthing, co-sleeping and extended nursing

Students will develop a better understanding of the extent to which women of all ages, classes, races and other demographics often lose their human rights when they enter a hospital to give birth. Meredith Finnerty speaks of the “pro-life” debate that concerns a mother’s life when giving birth—as some women have been forced and/or unduly pressured to undergo life-threatening C-sections in order to save their unborn babies. 

Finnerty will also discuss a women’s right to choose co-sleeping and extended nursing as is more common across the world, but often demonized and criminalized in the U.S. She speaks on incidents of mothers’ arrests for nursing in public, nursing children over two-years old and related parenting choices. 

Finnerty’s talk intersects with the 1000 Peace Women Across the Globe event supported by Adelphi University’s Collaboration Project. The presentation will inspire important discussion about birthing and parenting that potentially affects all our students on a personal level as it simultaneously engages issues regarding national and international human rights violations against women.

This event is sponsored by the Department of Sociology.

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Jessie Klein Ph.D, MSW, M.Ed.
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology/Criminal Justice
Center for Health Innovation (CHI)
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Tagged: College of Arts and Sciences, Criminal Justice, Department of Sociology
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