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The Hudson Valley Farmworkers Report
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Led by Adelphi University Assistant Professor Margaret Gray, The Hudson Valley Farmworker Report is the first in-depth study of the state’s farmworkers in 30 years.  Based on interviews conducted in 2002 by the Bard College Migrant Labor Project, the report presents compelling and rich demographic data of an understudied population.  It examines the quality of life and working conditions of agricultural workers in the Hudson Valley.  In particular, the report examines the situations of the relatively recent Latin American-born workforce.

The data reveal an impoverished workforce that is vulnerable to exploitation.  The report includes workers’ own words and opinions in a comprehensive manner detailing who they are, the challenges they face, their opinions on policy related to them, and the factors that contribute to their vulnerability.  This project increases our understanding of the situation of low-wage workers and immigrant workers in New York and throughout the United States.