Campus Happenings


Ongoing Events at Adelphi University

Some of our events are too big to fit in just one day.

Workshops, art exhibitions, and continuing education at Adelphi often encompass longer periods of time. You can visit many of our art exhibitions over a span of weeks or months at your convenience. Our continuing education programs may run from a week to over a year, so if you miss the start of a program that interests you, contact the related academic department to find out when the next session starts. 

January 12, 2017–May 4, 2017 A Case Supervision/Study Group Seminar Exclusively for School Psychologists and School Social Workers Continuing Education Course - Ongoing Ten 90-Minute Sessions

January 15, 2017–February 26, 2017 Remembering Thomas McAnulty Art Exhibition A tribute exhibit to a beloved professor.

January 28, 2017–February 26, 2017 Dynamics of Home Security Continuing Education Course - Ongoing Learn the standards and codes related to alarm installation.

January 30, 2017–March 8, 2017 Basic Skills for Retirement Planners Continuing Education Course - Ongoing Learn to develop a plan for securing future income.

February 1, 2017–April 1, 2017 Adelphi Mentoring Program Book Drive Ongoing Event Donate books for elementary and middle school students that showcase diverse characters.

February 13, 2017–March 2, 2017 A Lasting Presence Art Exhibition Opening reception: February 22, 5:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m.