Campus Events

Ongoing Events at Adelphi University

Some of our events are too big to fit in just one day.

Workshops, art exhibitions and continuing education at Adelphi often encompass longer periods of time. You can visit many of our art exhibitions over a span of weeks or months at your convenience. Our continuing education programs may run from a week to over a year, so if you miss the start of a program that interests you, contact the related academic department to find out when the next session starts. 

February 16, 2018–April 20, 2018 Herstory Workshop Ongoing Event Join the Adelphi community in the Herstory workshop, an empowering story sharing platform.

February 26, 2018–May 7, 2018 Nexus Pop-Up Library Ongoing Event Come experience the library like never before!

March 1–March 31, 2018 30 Day Challenge Ongoing Event The first 100 people to register in person at our table will receive a 30 Day Challenge water bottle.

March 23, 2018–April 13, 2018 Jonathan Latiano: Extinction is a Slow Spectacle Featured