Friday, April 15, 2016
7:30 p.m.


Westermann Stage, Concert Halll


Free Event

Adelphi Student Composers’ Concert

Featuring the the students from the Department of Music.

Experience recently composed music by Adelphi University student composers performed by our faculty members.


That Which Will Always Be (2015)                             Maurizio Fiore

Two Swords (2014)                                                      Michael Gayle

String Quartet Nr. 2 (2012, rev. 2015)                         Oswaldo Machado
     Quartet Schizophonico
                    Salley Koo, violin
                    Andy Bhasin, violin
                    Anne-Marie Bedney, viola
                    Deborah Sepe, cello

Radio (2016)                                                                   Daniyil Tchibirev
                    Devin Hasenflue, percussion I
                    Adam Mastrocola, percussion II


Star Dancers (2015)                                                       Maurizio Fiore

Sonata Synthesis (2015)                                               Daniyil Tchibirev

Just For You (2015)                                                       Michael Gayle
                   Salley Koo, violin
                   Deborah Sepe, cello
                   Violetta Zabbi, piano

Waltz (2016)                                                                     C. G. Fleming
                   Violetta Zabbi, piano

Piano Trio Nr. 2 (2015, rev. 2016)                                  Oswaldo Machado

Monster (2016)                                                                Daniyil Tchibirev
                   Salley Koo, violin
                   Deborah Sepe, cello
                   Violetta Zabbi, piano


For further information, please contact:

Department of Music
Performing Arts Center Room 207
p – 516.877.4290