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Sunday, June 28, 2015



An Adventure in Online Course Design

Please join us for a fully online seminar.

The majority of the work can be done asynchronously, from anywhere that you have a computer and an internet connection—at whatever time works for you—during each module week. To enrich the experience, you will be periodically expected to interact with other participants virtually (using digital collaborative tools) sharing work and giving each other feedback through Moodle.

Plan to spend 15-20 hours per week on seminar activities during the three weeks it is running. (Depending on how you like to work, envision spending two or three hours a day, every day, or investing  2-3 long days each week.)

Join us if any of these describe you:

  • You’re developing a fully online or blended course that will launch in the Fall of 2015 or the Spring of 2016.

  • You have an online course that you developed in the past that you would like to revise, enhance and update.

  • You’d like to begin the online course development process, learn about best practices and get detailed feedback on your work.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation of your enrollment in this Moodle course along with instructions on how to log in.

Additional Information:

We strongly recommend partnering with a colleague in your department and taking the seminar together.

During the week before the seminar starts you will receive a daily email for 4 days with some background information and some brief activities to help you to begin to prepare for the seminar. The seminar will cap at 20 participants.

Learn more about the seminar from FCPE instructional designer, Belle Gironda, who will be facilitating:


By the time you complete the seminar you will have produced:

  • A draft of a course calendar that breaks your course into a series of modules
  • Learning objectives for some or all of your modules
  • A draft and a revision a single module that includes  learning objectives and  course materials, activities and assignments that will help students to fulfill those learning objectives and demonstrate their learning on measurable ways.

This seminar will also help you to:

  • Write clear and concise assignments and include diverse and engaging materials and activities that will cultivate the knowledge and skills laid out in the module objectives.
  • Use technology tools such as VoiceThread, Panopto and Google docs to complete seminar assignments and to test them out for future use in your courses.
  • Apply knowledge of best practices in online course facilitation to the planning and delivery of your online course.



For further information, please contact:

Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE)
Alumnae Hall, Room 123
p – 516.877.4220
e –