Monday, October 18, 2010
2:25–3:40 p.m.


University Center, Room 201

AU Social Forum Series, Part 2: Watering the Plant: Thinking about Social Movements

After returning from the United States Social Forum,, the Adelphi delegation knew it was our duty to share the information that we learned. So, in Part Two of a three-part series, Watering the Plant, will focus on educating the general student body about movements of the past, their contributions to society and their interconnectedness among each other. Working together with teachers and students, we will present an interactive program that includes academic information, dynamic discussion, and personal understanding of social movements and where we stand today. Finally, we will also be taking a look at how past social movements impact our everyday lives today. We will challenge our personal responsibilities and brainstorm about the next social movement to come.

Contact(s):;; and Melanie Bush

Co-sponsors: ICAN, Departments of Anthropology and Sociology and the Levermore Global Scholars Program.