Wednesday, March 27, 2019
1:00–2:00 p.m.


Campus of Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge

Diversity and Leadership

With Jean Lau Chin

Leadership today is more important than ever as the 21st century brings about rapid and significant change in society and our institutions. As our communities become increasingly diverse and more connected internationally, inclusive models of leadership are increasingly important to reflect the diverse populations and contexts on which leadership is exercised. Research (Chin & Trimble, 2014) has demonstrated that culture and diversity matters in leadership which, in turn, is influenced by the social identities and lived experiences of leaders and followers, and shaped by cultural values and expectations, and by social and organizational contexts. Few studies address diverse and culturally competent leadership such that we need to move toward more complex and multidimensional paradigms less rooted in narrow Eurocentric paradigms.

This event is part of Adelphi’s Leadership Certificate Program.

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Jean Lau Chin is distinguished as an educator, administrator, clinician and scholar who has held senior management positions as Dean at two universities, as President of her Clinical and Consulting Business, as Regional Director of a managed care plan, and as Director of a Community Health Center and of a Mental Health Clinic. She has trained psychologists and health care professionals, and developed culturally competent training and services for working with diverse populations. Her scholarship and research on leadership, diversity and women’s issues have been extensive, including 15 books, many publications and over 200 professional presentations–for which she has received many awards for her leadership and her work. All of this is cited in her full CV.

My recent chapter in Journeys of Professional Excellence by Bemak (2017) chronicles my professional Journey to the West which mirrors a 16th century Chinese epic of the legendary pilgrimage of the Buddhist monk and his three protectors who traveled to the West (i.e., India) seeking the scriptures. Together, they were put through 81 tests before they reached enlightenment. This is my story. I made my journey to the west, not unlike the character of Monkey in the legendary pilgrimage, with my Chinese American immigrant parents. Coming from a working-class, immigrant family, I learned well how chance opportunities can be so life transforming–historical events of McCarthyism, the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Movement and Peace Movement helped to shape me and my view of the world. My professional journey paired a life of contrasts (living in a bicultural Asian American world, confronting stereotypes about the smart but passive Chinese woman), with a diverse professional career (e.g., bridging health and mental health, academia and community, clinical and school psychology, etc.). The diversity in my career and the contrasts in my life, while perplexing at first, transformed me. They enabled me to question, to advocate, and to change. I came to hold many leadership roles and became an advocate for the community and for psychology. Transformation and transcendence, both professionally and personally, characterized my professional journey. Being often the one and only, or the first, strengthened my ability to look at things from the outside and to bring different perspectives to the table. In doing so, I contributed to innovation and change. It enabled me to be transformational. I remain anchored in my pride about who I am and committed to what I believe. I have learned to advocate for that which I value (i.e., serving underserved populations, promoting social justice, valuing differences, and advancing cultural competence and inclusivity.


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