Wednesday, May 2, 2018
12:00–1:00 p.m.


University Center Room 213

How to Handle Stress

Part of the Health Services Center’s Work-Life Wellness Certificate for undergraduate students.

Topic Area: Stress Management

Presented by James McGowan, Executive Director of Off Campus Administration

Bio: Jim has been with Adelphi University since 2002. He provides operational management and academic oversight to the University’s extension centers and off-campus programs, including the Manhattan Center, Hauppauge Center, Hudson Valley Center, Downtown Sayville Center, corporate M.B.A. programs, and several others. Jim is determined to make Adelphi University more visible in the community as well as becoming a contributor to partnerships in business, education, health care and human services. He is an active member, including Board membership, in several New York City and Long Island-based organizations. Prior to working at Adelphi, Jim worked for Mercy College in Westchester County for over 15 years as Manager of Operations for Extension Centers. Jim holds two Masters Degrees in Psychology and is a certified School Psychologist. He has taught Psychology at Mercy College, Nassau Community College and Adelphi University for over 30 years. He frequently has used his expertise in human behavior to assist others in the business and corporate world as well as students in higher education, including workshops and seminars with various business associations and non-profit organizations. Jim has worked previously for the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services and EEOC as well as over 10 years as a Ground Service Supervisor for British Airways.

Participants will learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with stress while learning how to cope with stressors.  

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About the Work-Life Wellness Certificate Program

The Work-Life Wellness Certificate Program is an initiative hosted by Health Services Center.

Its goal is to assist Adelphi undergraduate and graduate students in developing skills to bring with them for life after college. This program will enable students to evaluate potential areas of need through a wellness survey, and will address 6 different topic areas.

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Health Services Center
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Member of American College Health Association (ACHA)

Member of American College Health Association (ACHA)