Tuesday, January 22, 2019 through
Friday, February 15, 2019


Performing Arts Center

I am Body Maps: A Touch-Interactive Light and Sound Artwork

Adelphi University Students in Art and Design Educator, Dr. Ann Holt’s Interactive Art and Technology class started with the prompt “ I am” to call forth notions of who they are while reflecting on intuition and self. Evoking the magical incantation of Abracadabra as it has been translated to mean “ I create as I speak”, students translated their spoken words into visual body maps. “I” is power to call forth what one envisions. With awareness of this power, one embodies self-presence: “I AM”. To “create”, involves the power to focus imagination and thought into action– in this case, visual art. To “speak”, is to consciously direct thoughts, language, and actions towards an outcome. Through this artwork, students “speak” translating their pictures, sounds, and feelings into art.

Featured Students:
Michele Addonizio
Raquel Adler 
Ambika Apana
Janice Chuquitaype
Amber Collazo
Sabrina Galeotafiore
Omar Gonzalez
Paul Maurantonio
Amna Quadri
Carolina Restrepo
Shuqi Zhang
Patricia Kadlubowski
Carolina Medina
Leuna Rahman

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Adjunct Professor
Art and Art History
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