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Learn to Classify Infant-Parent Attachment in the Strange Situation

institute-for-parenting-logoThis 10-day workshop provides participants with training in the use of Ainsworth’s system of attachment classification and interactive rating and Main and Solomon’s classification and rating system for the insecure-disorganized group.

This approach to assessing patterns of attachment is the “gold standard” for research in the area of early attachment. The first half of the training will focus on the A, B, and C categories; the remainder on disorganization (D) and review.

The training will include lecture and demonstration and requires substantial time and effort outside of the classroom, including on the intervening weekend. Participants will be eligible to take the reliability test in the weeks following the course, at an additional cost.*

About the Trainer

Judith Solomon, Ph.D, has presented numerous training workshops, seminars, and lectures at the local, national and international levels. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and infant mental health specialist and a well-known attachment researcher. Dr. Solomon specializes in integrating caregiving and attachment in research and infant mental health psychotherapy, the use of research instruments in assessment and treatment planning, and training and supervision of infant mental health clinicians. Her publications include attachment theory’s seminal volume on attachment disorganization, Attachment Disorganization, (1999, Guilford Press, 1999) and its follow-up, Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving (2011, Guilford Press). In addition to her pioneering research establishing the disorganized infant and child attachment category, she has authored research and theoretical papers on infants and divorce and representational models of attachment and caregiving.

Training Eligibility

Developmental and clinical researchers, graduate students, and faculty are eligible to participate in the workshop. Participants should have adequate background in attachment theory and are comfortable in written and spoken English. A reading list will be provided for the workshop. No previous experience in attachment assessment is required.

Registration and Fees

Registration is now closed.


 A hotel list is provided below. If you want to share a room, please contact Judith Solomon regarding the request. 
  • La Quinta Inn and Suites located at 821 Stewart Ave, Garden City, NY 11530, price is $141 with breakfast included and is a short drive to Adelphi’s campus. Make your reservations prior to May 5, 2016 at La Quinta Inn and Suites for this price rate.
  • The Garden City Hotel located at 45 7th Street, Garden City, NY 11530, price is $199 and is a 5-minute walk to Adelphi’s campus. If interested in staying at the Garden City Hotel, please ask to make a reservation under the Institute for Parenting Group room block. Make your reservations prior to May 20 at the Garden City Hotel for this price rate.

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