Friday, June 7, 2013
8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.


Hofstra University Club

6th Annual New York Higher Education Technology Forum

Bring Your Own Revolution: IT’s Role in a User-Centric World

Join technology colleagues from New York-area colleges and universities and invest a day to learn, share, network and explore new ideas.

New York Higher Education Technology Forum LogoThe New York Higher Education Technology Forum (NYHETF) is a collaborative organization of IT professionals working at higher education institutions in New York.
NYHETF aims to leverage the skills, strengths, and experiences of our partner institutions to help solve problems and pursue new ideas in an effective and efficient manner. Our goal is to foster a spirit of teamwork and collaboration among our colleagues in the industry.
In addition to our three founding institutions—Adelphi University, Hofstra University, and New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)—NYHETF now includes over 100 representatives from more than 20 local colleges and universities.

Members gather each summer for the annual NYHETF Conference, as well as for smaller, topic-focused meetings and luncheons throughout the year.

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Sessions include:

  • Central IT’s Role In BYOD: From “Department of NO” to “Department of KNOW”
  • Bring Your Own Design: Building Next-Generation Classrooms
  • Shared IT Governance: Threat or Opportunity? 
  • More Than Wires and Plugs: Tour Collaborative Spaces for Students
  • Who Are Your At-Risk Students? Using Data Mining to Target Intervention Efforts
  • Any Device, Any Location: Making It Work With What You’ve Got 
  • Group Discussions:
          – Web Services and Online Portals
          – Moving Services to the Cloud
          – Learning Spaces
          – Taking Learning Online
          – Supporting Mobile Devices
          – Leadership and Management