Tuesday, April 23, 2019 through Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Various Locations

The Signature Project

The art of letter writing has declined due to the vast increase in technology. Our goal is to bring back this form of expression by encouraging participants to take a moment to slow down and take part in letter writing. This project will provide a shared experience for the students and faculty of Adelphi as well as strengthen the connection between the letter writer and recipient. Through The Signature Project, participants will get the chance to engage in dialogue centered on meaningful communication in today’s fast-pace world. 

Our project is composed of two stages and will span the course of a couple of months. In the first stage, participants will visit one of several campus writing stations between April 23rd 2019 and May 14th 2019 to write their letters using the pens and stationery that our program will supply. Participants will take home their letters and return the pens they used to the nearest writing station at their earliest convenience. Participants will also have the option to submit letters written to themselves or to loved ones that have passed. 

The second stage will involve the creation of an art piece incorporating the pens in collaboration with Levermore Global Scholars, Art and Design Education, and Professors Pamela Koehler and Cindy Maguire. This artwork will be displayed on campus alongside the aforementioned submitted letters. We hope to include the elements of sound and light in our final display. Our vision for this art piece is to highlight the importance that each pen played in bringing people together under the common theme of communication and appreciation.

Writing Station Locations:
Swirbul Library, Front Desk, First floor
Center for Recreation and Sports, First floor
Science Building, Math Lab, Fourth floor
Performing Arts Center, Department of Theater

This event is Co-Sponsored by Professors Pamela Koehler and Cindy Maguire, as well as the Collaboration Project, Levermore Global Scholars, and the Art & Design Program.

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